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    Step into the Knowledge Lab to grow, learn and stretch. This is where you'll find ideas, wisdom and the catalyst you need to tell the greatest story ever told. This is where ideas are shared and tested by the fire of reality. Results matter because your church matters.
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    If you combine the essential ingredients you get spontaneous combustion. That's what happens when we get the right people together: Ideas are ignited, passions sparked and potential energy is released. The Connection Lab is all about bringing people together and seeing good things happen.
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    Go straight to the primal elements. The Resource Lab is the stuff you need without extra commentary or fluff. It's the raw resources you can access to help your church communicate better now.
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New Book to Help Churches Welcome First-Time Visitors

Walking into a church for the first time can be scary. The Center for Church Communication announces the launch of a new book to help churches welcome visitors.

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Celebrating 10 Years

Our flagship blog, Church Marketing Sucks, celebrates its 10-year anniversary this month. We've got a month-long celebration that starts now.

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As the Center for Church Communication (CFCC), we exist to help the church matter. We're a resource for church communicators. Churches have the greatest story ever told, but struggle to tell it well. We want to help churches tell it better.

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