Darrell Vesterfelt: Changing Majors

by Kevin D. Hendricks

“I still remember sitting at my 19 inch HP laptop in my dorm room when I first opened up the site,” says Darrell Vesterfelt, remembering his first visit to Church Marketing Sucks in 2005. “Two hours later, my life was not the same.”

A sophomore in college at the time, the experience caused Darrell to drop his youth ministry major and switch to business administration with a focus in marketing (he eventually ended up with a pastoral studies degree).

“I remember that being a shaping moment in the pursuit of my career,” Darrell says. “I remember thinking, ‘They are communicating very clearly what I am seeing and experiencing.’”

Fast forward to 2012 and Darrell is doing social media and communication for Shoreline Church, a new church plant launching in September that’s reaching out to a community that’s 90% unchurched.

“I look back at that moment and am amazed at the journey that was initiated that day in my dorm room,” Darrell says.

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