Certification Lab For Church Communicators

Are you a church communications director?
Want to get better?
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July 17-19, 2016

In Partnership With Monk Development



Mark MacDonald

Be Known For Something

Phil Bowdle

West Ridge Church

Stephen Brewster

Cross Point Church

Gerry True

Oak Hills Church

What You'll Learn

General Communications Strategy

How to develop your communications strategy, style guide, and other essential foundational principles.

Best Practices

Best practices for running and leading a communications ministry.


Learn how to lead yourself, your superiors, and a team.

Social Media

Strategies and techniques to improve your church's social media efforts.

Content Development

Improve your writing and editing, as well as, discover new ways to find content.

Personal Creativity

Find your creative style and learn how to leverage it to improve your work.

Decision Psychology

Learn about how you and your audience makes decisions and what you can do with that knowledge.

Survival Tips

Build a strategy for what to do when you're overwhelmed, and connect with others in your shoes.

Interested in learning more about what you'll learn? Visit our certification page on Church Marketing Sucks.


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