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Interviews with the Board

Over the past few months we’ve been doing a series of interviews with the members of our board of directors over on our flagship blog, Church Marketing Sucks. Here’s a round-up of those interviews:

  • Phil Cooke: “Worry less about preaching in jeans with your shirttails out, and more about changing people’s lives.”
  • Brad Abare: “Churches that understand deep down how they create, transfer, embody and express value are churches that get it.”
  • Kem Meyer: “We need to spend less time creating content and more time helping people connect with and make sense of content that already exists.”
  • Scott McClellan: “It takes faith to tell a story before you’re sure there will be a happy ending. But it’s the conflict, the adversity, and the suspense that draw people into your story and invite them to walk it with you.”
  • Dawn Nicole Baldwin: “Discover what God’s unique call is for your church and live that to the fullest.”
  • Kent Shaffer: “Churches need to be measuring life change.”
  • Drew Goodmanson: “More churches are starting to get that the web isn’t just a new method of communication but a radical paradigm shift that impacts the entire organization.”
  • Lori Bailey: “What I hope to see is churches coming closer together in learning and sharing, as well as helping and rooting for each other.”
  • Maurilio Amorim: “If churches understood the power of social media in creating conversations over a wide platform, they would spend more time trying in that space.”
  • Chad Cannon: “At the end of the day, numbers represent people, and those people represent a story of potential life change. Churches should be about numbers.”

At the time we did the interviews, Tim Schraeder was on the board and Cynthia Ware served as executive director. Since then Tim and Cynthia have swapped roles, but we still have our interview with Tim and we can go back to an earlier interview we did with Cynthia:

  • Tim Schraeder: “Our message is unchanging but the ways we communicate it are changing before our eyes.”
  • Cynthia Ware: “If you are confused about who you are as a church–your story will always be confusing, possibly bland and likely impotent.”

New Leadership for CFCC

The Center for Church Communication (CFCC) announces two new additions to the leadership team. Effective Feb. 1, Justin Wise and Tim Schraeder will serve as co-directors of CFCC. They will replace the current executive director, Cynthia Ware, who will transition into a member of the board of directors.

Justin Wise is a blogger, communicator and creator of, a blog focused on church, culture and technology. Justin also serves as digital director for one of the largest Lutheran churches in the United States. In addition, Justin has served as a project catalyst and the social web strategist for CFCC. Justin and his family live in Des Moines, Iowa.

Tim Schraeder is a communications consultant for Church Solutions Group and was previously the communications director for a large church in downtown Chicago. He blogs his thoughts on church communications at In addition, Tim has served as a project catalyst and Regional Network Coordinator and in October 2010 he joined the CFCC board of directors (with the co-director position Tim will step down from the board and be replaced by Cynthia). He lives in Chicago.

Tim and Justin will continue to have “day jobs,” as the role of co-director is currently a part-time position. Tim will oversee relationships and communication, including the Regional Network Coordinators, media relations, the Cultivate Conference and the Outspoken book project, which Tim serves as the lead curator. Justin will oversee projects and development, including team oversight, Firestarter, CFCC Ad Network and sponsorships, and much of the new development on the horizon.

“The board of directors was unanimous in the selection and appointment of Justin and Tim,” says CFCC founder and board chair, Brad Abare. “We are thrilled to see where God leads us into the near future, under the capable and courageous leadership of two highly qualified and uniquely gifted men.”

Since Oct. 1, 2009, Cynthia Ware has been the executive director of CFCC. Recently she’s taken a larger role with a private university that has continued to demand more and more of her full-time commitment. “Cynthia was exactly what we needed these past 16 months,” says Abare. “Her ability to rally a team and mobilize the masses was critical to further establishing the foundation of this fledgling nonprofit. I’m so grateful that we will continue to tap into her wealth of experience as she transitions to a new role as a CFCC board member.”

The Center for Church Communication is a firebrand of communicators, sparking churches to communicate the gospel clearly, effectively and without compromise. It helps local churches communicate better through various Labs and associated projects, including its flagship blog, Church Marketing Sucks. Founded in 2004, CFCC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

From Gutenberg to Google

A recent feature on technology in church from Charisma magazine includes quotes from our executive director, Cynthia Ware:

“We’ve gone from the Gutenberg generation of the church to the Google generation of the church,” Ware says. “For 500 years, things have been one way. And now, in five years’ time, almost everything has changed. The gospel message doesn’t change, but the presentation of it and the accessibility of it and everything in the culture around it has changed.”