Unwelcome book by Jonathan Malm


50 Ways Churches Drive
Away First-Time Visitors

By Jonathan Malm


Walking into a church for the first time can be scary. Are you making your first-time guests feel welcome? Or are you driving them away—unintentionally—with bad signage, reserved seating, clunky communication and more?

In this practical book, Jonathan Malm examines 50 ways churches make first-time visitors feel unwelcome. The transgressions range from insider lingo to awkward transitions, a cold congregation to the over-eager greeter.

With all 50 church faux pas, Jonathan suggests ways to not only fix the problem, but also infuse excellence into the situation so churches can put their best foot forward with first-time guests. A few simple changes can help your church roll out the welcome mat for your guests.

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What People Are Saying:

It’s easy to point out mistakes in the church that drive people away. But Unwelcome goes one step further and shows you the solution to those mistakes.

Greg AtkinsonGreg Atkinson
Author, Speaker and Campus Pastor at Transformation Church
In church planting every detail matters because every single person matters. Jonathan Malm gives us 50 very practical ways to avoid some of the mistakes churches are making all over the country. Read these. Share them with your teams. Coach on how to avoid them. Then watch people connect and grow.

Shawn WoodShawn Wood
Lead Pastor of Freedom Church
What a great idea for a book! When I began reading Unwelcome, my first reaction was to begin counting how many copies I would need for the pastors and staff I work with. I'm excited about sharing and discussing this book with them.

Scott McClellanScott McClellan
Communications Pastor at Irving Bible Church
Churches routinely characterize themselves as welcoming. Some even highlight their hospitality, meanwhile remaining clueless about how they come across. In Unwelcome, Jonathan Malm zooms in on the many subtle and woefully blatant ways first-time visitors get turned off and away. His examples and solutions are anchored in experience and offered with a delightfully light touch. Read Unwelcome for rueful good laughs and wise counsel, then get to work making your church more welcoming.

Meredith GouldMeredith Gould, Ph.D.
Author of The Social Media Gospel
The mission of the church is to make disciples. It's a shame when unintentional mistakes cause us to scare guests away and miss our calling. In Unwelcome, Jonathan helps us identify those issues and gives us insight into how to overcome them.

Chuck ScogginsChuck Scoggins
Executive Director of the Center for Church Communication
In Unwelcome, Jonathan does a great job of guiding you to think through what intentionality in ministry looks like for your church as you welcome first-time guests.

Tony MorganTony Morgan
Founder & Chief Strategic Officer of The Unstuck Group
Unwelcome is the tale of two imaginary churches. One sends visitors running for the doors, the other has them anxiously awaiting Sunday so they can return. Reading and applying the practical principles Jonathan shares in this book will help you move from being the former church to becoming the latter one.

Tony MorganJustin Wise
Founder of Think Digital

About the Author:

Jonathan Malm is a creative entrepreneur and writer. He is the author of Created for More, a 30-day devotional to help you develop a more creative mind. You’ll find him in San Antonio, Texas, roasting his own coffee beans and enjoying life with his Argentine wife, Carolina. You can follow him on Twitter @JonathanMalm.

Jonathan also runs multiple projects to help churches increase their creative expression and communicate with clarity and excellence:

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