Advertising Age Says Church Marketing Sucks

“Smart” and “marketing-savvy” aren’t adjectives we’re used to hearing thrown our way, but we’ll take it. Yeoman, however, is a word I’m used to.

The kind words come from Ken Wheaton’s Adages column in the Feb. 20, 2006 issue of Advertising Age (fee required).

Here it is in context so you know we’re not making it up:

Church Marketing Sucks seems a smart and marketing-savvy site. Which shouldn’t be a surprise. CMS was founded in 2004 by Brad Abare, president of Los Angeles cause-marketing agency Personality. “I gathered my staff and a few strategic partners together to brainstorm some future company ‘stuff.’ Because many of us are involved in our local churches–and we are all in marketing–one of the ideas that came up was to start a conversation that could be a place for churches to come and learn.”

The yeoman’s work of keeping that conversation going has fallen to freelance writer Kevin Hendricks.

(emphasis theirs, which means our bolded names were in the same company as Spike Lee, Tiger Woods, Dan Wieden, David Kennedy… and Hitler, Stalin and Mao.)