We Need Graphic Designers: PDF Template

We want to start creating PDFs to cover topics in a little more depth than we can in a blog entry on Church Marketing Sucks. The idea is to create short PDF booklets that can tackle a specific subject.

We’re looking for a designer to help us create a standard template we can use for all of these booklets.


  • Front page must have the ability to match a consistent look, but be able to swap out some sort of unique identifying graphic. Examples would include the tech books with the same design but different pictures on the cover. We want the consistency of a series, but enough customization that each cover can be somewhat unique.
  • CFCC name, logo and tagline on the cover.
  • A consistent page layout with CFCC name, logo and tagline on each page, as well as page number, name of the book, and room for sidebars and pullquotes.
  • A copyright page at the end that includes room for an author bio, a blurb about CFCC, permission/copyright info, etc.
  • Very basic PDF design—no Acrobat only buttons.
  • Designed for easy horizontal printing on 8.5×11 paper and viewing on standard screen sizes.

Hours Involved: 5-10