How We’ve Helped

Welcome to another round of the ‘heart and soul’ series. Last week Mark Batterson shared a tribute to Church Marketing Sucks. This week it’s time to look at what we’ve accomplished. It’s time to brag a little.

Church Marketing Sucks
Church Marketing Sucks had its first blog entry in July of 2004. Two years later over 30,000 people visit the site every month. We’ve had over 1.5 million total visits. Our team has written over 650 blog entries and we’ve racked up over 3,300 comments.

This one sums it up pretty well:

“All of 2005 I was concerned with me, myself, and I until I ran across Church Marketing Sucks in late 2005. … I was ashamed and realized that I was doing a great disservice to my church by not using my education and gifts for God. I asked my leadership if I could volunteer my gifts and I was welcomed with open arms.” -Davin, March 2006

Church Marketing Lab
The old peer review system on Church Marketing Sucks covered 24 samples in six months. In March we launched the Church Marketing Lab and we’ve had well over 500 samples posted from almost 400 different people. It’s helping church communicators on a whole different scale. In addition to the images posted, the message board has racked up over 100 different discussion topics where people are asking questions, trying things out and meeting new people. One person even commented, “This is like another church for me!”

Other Stuff
At the end of 2005 we released a report on church communication which has been downloaded almost 3,000 times. We’ve received over 1,500 e-mails, and while I won’t say we’ve answered all of them, we have responded to the vast majority. We’ve been quoted or mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age, The Detroit Free Press, Relevant, The Boston Herald, Leadership Journal, Ministries Today, The Wittenburg Door, Fox News and more.

This year our founder Brad Abare took the stage with several speaking engagements, including the spring Buzz Conference in Washington, D.C., and this fall’s MinistryCOM in Phoenix. He wasn’t booed off the stage in D.C., so we’ll consider that a win.

From Cheesy Nerds to Offending Brethren
Of course us bragging is just a bunch of hot air. Here’s what other people have said:

“I feel like a cheesy nerd doing this but I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for everything that you guys are providing through your web site.” -Sara, February 2006

“This is an absolutely great site; I can’t wait to offend the brethren at my church by e-mailing them a link to your site.” -Rob, March 2006

“You’re saying some important things and I really appreciate your efforts to limit the rampant amounts of sucktitude that the church puts into the marketplace.” -Jonathan, February 2006

It’s Not Us
Before our heads get any bigger we should clarify that it’s not us. CFCC has come along way in a short time, but it’s not thanks to us. The thanks goes to folks like you who have responded, contributed and taken part in this ministry. And above all, the credit goes to God. None of this happens without bigtime holy help.

We believe God cares about how churches communicate and that he is an integral part to this getting better. We’re just along for the ride. Want to hop on?

We’ve hit the past and the present, next we’ll go back to the future. Brad will lay out some of our big ideas for what’s next.