MinistryCOM 2006

Early this month I had the privilege of meeting a handful of the people who hang out in the Church Marketing Lab. We were all attending the second annual MinistryCOM event in Phoenix, and coming together to sharpen our skills, meet new people, and discover more ways of telling the Story better. Thanks to everyone who stuck it out for the last session on Friday afternoon. It was nice to have a few people stick around so I wasn’t speaking to the crickets.

I love putting faces to names, especially names that grace us with their digital ink here in the Center for Church Communication. I’m blown away by the creativity that exists within the community we’re all a part of developing. Thanks for being on this journey with us!

The folks at MinistryCOM have already invited our participation in next year’s event. Stay tuned for details on how we might be able to help build the community of church communicators through this event and others like it. Your involvement is crucial!