Editor’s Note: And so we come to the final installment of our ‘heart and soul’ series. Last week Brad talked about the realities of running a non-profit, and this week we’ll close with another guest blogger entry. This time around it’s Kem Meyer, the director of communications for Granger Community Church and prolific speaker (she’ll be at a church communications conference near you). Kem has some kind words for us and reminds us how far we’ve come.

by Kem Meyer

Happy anniversary Church Marketing Sucks. You were the first to acknowledge that, yes, church marketing does suck. Some people couldn’t get past the “naughty” word on your site. Was it marketing or sucks that was naughty? Who knows. For the rest of us, it was an inspiration to move. You had the courage to call it for what it was–with a jolt. And, as a result, ministry professionals across the country were awakened, united and empowered to make a change; to get out of our own way so people could actually experience life change through the story of Jesus.

Thank you for leading the way by sharing resources, talent, education and a new way of thinking. Communication isn’t about information, it’s about getting through. And, you guys were pioneers when you used new blog technology to get through to church leaders who didn’t know better (but should). You have created a community that is helping to change today’s church and effectively get through to lost and broken people who live in the real world and think the church “doesn’t have a clue”.

Some of the ways you’ve helped the church “get a clue”:

  • Peer reviews help church leaders test their stuff and give them access to creative teams and focus groups they don’t have on staff.
  • Articles and site links give church leaders access to practical marketplace education they don’t experience in ministry training.
  • Events and interviews give church leaders VIP access to the insight and effective techniques industry innovators are talking about.

Brad and Kevin, you’ve accomplished a lot in two years. I’m proud of your dedication and innovation.