Why CFCC is a Smart Online Organization

We were recently listed as one of the top 59 smartest organizations online. It’s quite the compliment, but we thought it might help if we spelled out what we actually do online that makes us so smart. Or smart enough to make the list anyway.

  • Blogging – Church Marketing Sucks is our flagship blog that draws thousands of readers every day. This is where it all started and the primary place where we spread our message. It comes with all the bells and whistles like comments and RSS feeds and helps generate conversation among other bloggers. We also do more organization-centric blog posting right here. It’s a cheap and easy way to communicate our message and connect with our audience.
  • Community/Photos – The Church Marketing Lab is a Flickr group we started in early 2006 to help church communicators share their work and get feedback from others. Since its launch we’ve had more than 600 members join and more than 1,000 pieces posted. This is definitely a case of empowering a community and letting them take over. We have a handful of moderators who keep things in check, but this is mostly a community that runs itself.
  • Events – We launched our Events Lab in 2006, which utilizes Google’s Calendar to share church marketing and communications related events. It also offers easy syncing with iCal and Outlook so anyone can subscribe to our calendar and be aware of upcoming events.
  • Squidoo – We launched a pair of Squidoo lenses on Church Marketing Sucks and Center for Church Communication. These lenses are simple ways to introduce people to the work we do and just another hook to pull people in (like when we were chosen as the Lens of the Day). Plus as a bonus, we’re listed as a charity with Squidoo, so any lensmaker on Squidoo can choose to donate all or some of their income to us. Every little bit helps.
  • E-mail Newsletters – We send monthly e-mail newsletters highlighting news and updates, as well as less regular announcements about important updates. It’s another avenue to keep in touch with our audience.

These are some of the major online tools we’ve taken advantage of to spread our message, build an audience and keep in touch with our supporters. These are also all great ways for local churches to do the same.