Q Conference Meetup & Discount

On April 27-29, 2009 the Q conference is coming to Austin, Texas. This is not a bells and whistles hipster event with big names and games. It’s a strategic gathering of thinkers and doers who want to see change and bring change. I participated in the last two Q gatherings (Atlanta and New York) and you can see for yourself the caliber of conversation.

Q is not for everyone. However, we know there are a select group of people who should be there and that might include you. We’ve worked out a special CFCC discount which saves you $150 over the current rate–if you register by December 31, 2008 using the code “CFCC09”.

We’d like to see you there if you can make it. Michael Buckingham, Josh Cody, Kevin Hendricks and I are planning to attend Q, and we’ll be hosting a special meet up for those a part of the CFCC community.

Drop me a line once you register and if you’re interested in connecting with others from the CFCC community. Once we know how many of us will be there we’ll determine when and where we meet.