2010 Firestarters

The 2010 Center for Church Communication Firestarters were announced in July. Read more about what a Firestarter is and how churches were selected.

Bloom – St. Paul, Minn.
They have a fresh approach to church branding. They launched a young, hip and sophisticated  church brand for young adults in the politically-charged Twin Cities. The brand appeal has been attracting creatives to the new church plant since its launch in the fall of 2009.
On the web: http://whybloom.com

The Gateway Church – Des Moines, Iowa
They desire to join with God in the renewal of all things, namely Des Moines. The design flows into the building that they use. The preaching flows into the small group materials. It all works. They are reaching a community of believers (ages 20-35) exceptionally well, in a time when this age group is leaving the church in droves.
On the web: http://thegatewaychurch.com

BridgeWay Church – Oklahoma City, Okla.
Their Worship & Arts communication and community is a definite highlight. There is a highly connected, inter-generational community of artists that bring a distinctive feel to this church. They communicate the gospel through home church groups and Celebration Sunday, and also through projects within the art community.
On the web: http://www.bridgewaychurch.com & http://brandnewmountainspeeches.com

Mission Community Church – Gilbert, Ariz.
This is a church focused on the raising up the vision of Micah 6:8 as their mission. They are doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with God. They recently opened a brand new facility and for their grand opening did an amazing kick off to this new season in their church. Mission Community Church has been a part of rescuing girls out of the sex trade locally in the Phoenix area and globally in places like Fiji. They’re huge on putting flesh and bones to the gospel while helping people find their spiritual shape as they build relationships.
On the web: http://www.mission68.org & http://www.mission68.org/_grand-opening

Park Community Church – Chicago
They are incredibly forward thinking in their communications, transitioning away from a bulletin to an email/web/texting/social media structure that gets the info out much more efficiently and effectively.
On the web: http://www.parkcommunitychurch.org

Waterfront Community Church – Schaumburg, Ill.
They give away 100% of their Sunday offering to serve and love people in their community. This move has allowed them to take down barriers that exist between the church and it’s community. They have chosen to love their neighborhood and give sacrificially with what is brought in through tithes and offerings. Local media has taken notice and Waterfront has taken great strides to advance the gospel in Schaumburg.
On the web: http://waterfrontcc.com

Guts Church – Tulsa, Okla.
They have a long standing reputation for community relations. Any time their is a community disaster, Guts Church is there to help. Additionally, Guts Church has volunteers throughout the city helping in schools and many other organizations.
On the web: http://www.gutschurch.com

Grace Church – McKean, Penn.
They’re using a fresh voice and simple clarity to personalize communication and alleviate the noise and chaos of traditional “broadcast” promotions. Also, they’re partnering with the mayor’s office and major nonprofits to ‘Serve Erie’ and have a diverse management team (in experience and age). They’re innovative without significant resources.
On the web: http://whoisgrace.com

The Chapel – Chicago
The Chapel is doing some incredible work in the Chicagoland area and have leveraged great marketing ideas, social media, and the web to effectively reach thousands. They have an active presence on most social networks, ranging from a Facebook group for their singles ministry to a staff Twitter directory.
On the web: http://www.chapel.org

Ottumwa Bridge – Ottumwa, Iowa
Led by Marty Schmidt, this church has done a lot with a very small budget. They have a great website and lead pastor Marty’s blog serves as one of the primary points of communication for the church. They are growing exponentially in a tough place for church growth, with a minuscule budget.
On the web: http://ottumwabridge.org