Firestarters: Bloom & The Gateway Church

Last week we announced the latest project from the Center for Church Communication, Firestarter. It’s a way to recognize churches that have ignited ideas and sparked brilliant communication. This week we’re going to announce the 10 churches that have been recognized as 2010 Firestarters. We’ll put the spotlight on two churches each day all week.

Bloom – St. Paul, Minn.
They have a fresh approach to church branding. They launched a young, hip and sophisticated  church brand for young adults in the politically-charged Twin Cities. The brand appeal has been attracting creatives to the new church plant since its launch in the fall of 2009.
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The Gateway Church – Des Moines, Iowa
They desire to join with God in the renewal of all things, namely Des Moines. The design flows into the building that they use. The preaching flows into the small group materials. It all works. They are reaching a community of believers (ages 20-35) exceptionally well, in a time when this age group is leaving the church in droves.
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Read more about what a Firestarter is and how churches were selected and come back all week as we reveal the rest of the 2010 Firestarters.