Firestarters: Guts & Grace

We’re almost through our list of Firestarters. Today, we look at a church that has guts and another that has grace. Each one is choosing to relate and communicate to their surrounding community in a brand new way. That’s why these two churches are Firestarters. They get how to communicate to the surrounding culture in a way that makes sense. Enjoy!

Guts Church – Tulsa, Okla.
They have a long standing reputation for community relations. Any time their is a community disaster, Guts Church is there to help. Additionally, Guts Church has volunteers throughout the city helping in schools and many other organizations.
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Grace Church – McKean, Penn.
They’re using a fresh voice and simple clarity to personalize communication and alleviate the noise and chaos of traditional “broadcast” promotions. Also, they’re partnering with the mayor’s office and major nonprofits to ‘Serve Erie’ and have a diverse management team (in experience and age). They’re innovative without significant resources.
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Read more about what a Firestarter is and how churches were selected and come back all week as we reveal the rest of the 2010 Firestarters.