Firestarters: Park & Waterfront

Our Firestarters for Wednesday are Park Community Church in Chicago and Waterfront Community Church in Schaumburg, Ill. One is changing the church communications game digitally, the other is challenging what it means to “be” the church. Check out today’s Firestarters!

Park Community Church – Chicago
They are incredibly forward thinking in their communications, transitioning away from a bulletin to an email/web/texting/social media structure that gets the info out much more efficiently and effectively.
On the web:

Waterfront Community Church – Schaumburg, Ill.
They give away 100% of their Sunday offering to serve and love people in their community. This move has allowed them to take down barriers that exist between the church and it’s community. They have chosen to love their neighborhood and give sacrificially with what is brought in through tithes and offerings. Local media has taken notice and Waterfront has taken great strides to advance the gospel in Schaumburg.
On the web:

Read more about what a Firestarter is and how churches were selected and come back all week as we reveal the rest of the 2010 Firestarters.