Shared Mission of Communicating the Gospel

In para-church organizations like our own differences of opinion on matters of doctrine and belief are fairly common. Sometimes those differences can cause problems, division and dilute our effectiveness as an organization.

So we’ve come up with an ecumenical statement, approved by our board of directors, that gives us clarity of purpose as we face potentially divisive issues. In a nutshell, it’s ‘let’s focus on the gospel.’

Here’s the official statement, now available on our About page:

The Center for Church Communication is an ecumenical organization that reaches across denominational and theological lines to help churches communicate the gospel. That means differences of opinion over theological and cultural issues will often come up. The church has a 2,000-year track record of not disagreeing well. As an organization our only litmus test is a shared belief in the gospel–that Jesus Christ is the way of salvation. Let’s disagree well–even over issues of profound difference–and focus on our shared mission of communicating that gospel.