Creative Missions Tour

The Center for Church Communication (CFCC) is proud to announce a recent partnership with the Creative Missions Tour, founded by Cleve Persinger of

Creative Missions Tour is a unique “missions trip” of sorts that provides under-staffed churches with the opportunity to have a complete communications overhaul by experts in the field. More specifically, Cleve describes Creative Missions as, “similar to local missions trips, as we’ve all experienced them. However, instead of construction projects and Bible schools, Creative Missions seeks to aid these same churches in their communication and creative strategies for connecting to their communities.”

The tour begins May 22, 2011 and runs through the 28th. The team’s first trip will be to Albany, N.Y., to help five local churches build a creative communications strategy. Experts from various fields including web design, graphic design, social media, video production, marketing and worship design will be joining the tour. In the words of CFCC co-director, Tim Schraeder, “it’s like an Extreme Church Makeover!”

You can stay up-to-date on the progress of this project by visiting Creative Mission’s website. CFCC will be partnering with Creative Missions as a financial partner as well as to provide exposure, networking opportunities and overall support.