Welcome to the Team

In addition to the new board members we welcomed last week, we also have some new (new-ish?) team members to introduce.

Katie Strandlund has come on board to help keep us organized. As a far-flung organization of volunteers and part-timers with no centralized office, it can be difficult to keep things on track. Katie is helping us get organized and get things done.

Adam Legg took over the Firestarter project earlier this year. He’s helping us find and shine a spotlight on churches that have ignited ideas and sparked brilliant communication. Plus, he’s making us want to visit his home state of Alaska.

Chuck Scoggins has been running our Job and Freelance Board and is now stepping up to take on a head role in the Church Marketing Lab. That’s a big job, so we’re very grateful to Chuck for his willingness to shepherd this community. He also has some big shoes to fill. Danielle Hartland was the previous caretaker of the Church Marketing Lab and is stepping down after a few years of loyal service. A big shout out of thanks to Danielle for all her hard work!

Learn more about all our team members.