Justin Wise Announces His Resignation

Since 2011 Justin Wise has served as the executive director of the Center for Church Communication (CFCC). Today he announced his resignation. We’ll miss Justin’s leadership, his bi-weekly (sometimes) Office Hours column and his towering height. (Ever met Justin in person? Dude is tall.) We’ll be making announcements about the future leadership of CFCC soon.

You can read Justin’s parting words over at Church Marketing Sucks, as he reflects on his time with us—which began as a volunteer back in 2010 and progressed to a leadership role in 2011—and looks to the future.

I started with the Center for Church Communication (CFCC) in 2008 as a newly-married, mostly clueless, questionably-dressed 27-year-old, working at one of the largest Lutheran churches in the country.

I mostly had no idea what I was doing as a church communicator, but I knew CFCC could help. And boy, did they ever.

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