Dangerous Pastors: New Book Shares Marketing Basics

Contact: Katie Strandlund

May 20, 2013 (Los Angeles) – It took only a week to make Pastor Jeff dangerous. A team of church communication pros descended on his church to share their knowledge, a venture known as Creative Missions. The status quo is now endangered.

That same marketing know-how that made Pastor Jeff and his church dangerous is now available as an ebook. The Center for Church Communication (CFCC) and its flagship blog, Church Marketing Sucks, in partnership with Creative Missions, release their new ebook, Dangerous: A Go-to Guide for Church Communication.

“Creative Missions is all about empowering churches to communicate the gospel,” says CFCC board president Drew Goodmanson. “Dangerous takes those same insights and makes them available to anyone.”

This booklet includes 19 essays on church communication written by Creative Missions participants, covering basic strategy and practical, real world tips for churches.

“Pastors always tell us we’ve taught them just enough to be dangerous,” says Creative Missions founder Cleve Persinger. “The status quo doesn’t stand a chance.”

Dangerous covers the basics of church marketing, including design, writing, sound, video, web, social media and several articles on big picture strategy for beginners. It’s designed to be like a visit from a Creative Missions team, quickly offering practical insights and ideas to a church ready to improve their communication.

Churches served by Creative Missions have seen that kind of change and improvement firsthand: “Many first time guests have said they came as a result of the work that you did,” said Anthony Foxworth, pastor of River Albany Church, which was served during the inaugural Creative missions trip in 2011.

Dangerous was released on May 13, 2013 and is available in print and digital formats from Amazon, with other outlets to follow.

Founded in 2004, the Center for Church Communication is a firebrand of church communicators, sparking churches to communicate the gospel clearly, effectively and without compromise. The organization’s most visible project is Church Marketing Sucks, the church communications blog with coverage in the Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age, How Magazine, The Boston Herald and more. CFCC has previously published the highly successful Outspoken: Conversations on Church Communication.