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Interviews with Cynthia Ware

Recently our executive director, Cynthia Ware, has found herself in the news on a few occasions. We’re glad to welcome her as a part of our team and looking forward to the church at large benefiting from her voice in the community. She discussed ministry excellence with skill and poise in a recent piece from… Reads more »

Brad Abare on Christian Copycats

If you’ve followed us for any time at all, you likely know that we tend to give a rough time to Christian copycats. Recently, our founder Brad Abare sang this same tune once more in The Tampa Tribune. Brad responds to the fad of Christians making puns or spin-offs of popular culture items, saying: “The… Reads more »

Church Marketing Sucks in the Leadership Journal

The latest issue of the Leadership Journal took a look at churches using social media, and they turned to Church Marketing Sucks for reference. Our own Michael Buckingham is quoted on the issue, saying: “The Internet isn’t powerful because it connects you to information, but because it connects you to people.” And they go on… Reads more »

Brad Abare and Phil Cooke Live

Conversant Life bills itself as an online home for “real life spiritual conversations,” and recently Center for Church Communication founder Brad Abare had the chance to participate in a live conversation hosted on their site. The live-streaming event lasted just over an hour on Thursday, November 19th. Brad tag-teamed the conversation with CFCC board member… Reads more »

Brad Abare on Smart Phones and Spirituality

Our own Brad Abare recently penned an article for Christianity Today considering the benefits and detriments of the cell phone revolution on spirituality. He examines the obvious benefits of the technological advance–greater access to biblical texts, great connectivity amongst individuals and improved availability of resources for those seeking to go deeper. But perhaps more astutely,… Reads more »

Chicago Tribune on Cultivate

Recently, the Chicago Tribune looked at the issue of churches marketing themselves online, and more specifically, the Cultivate Conference recently held at Park Community Church: On Tuesday, 250 Web-savvy Christians — from blogging pastors to iPhone programmers — gathered at Park Community for Cultivate 09, an interactive conference on ministry communication, which includes marketing strategy…. Reads more »

You Know You’re in Church Communications If…

Earlier this year the minds behind MinistryCOM wanted to create something light-hearted and humorous to share at the conference this year. They turned to the brainpower of the Church Marketing Lab (original discussion) and got over a hundred ideas for You Know You’re in Church Communications If…. We offered to cut the list down to… Reads more »

CFCC Ad Network Latest

We would like to extend a special thanks to Integrity Music, the newest member of the CFCC Ad Network with the new album from Canadian worship leader Joel Auge. We’re extremely proud to feature them throughout the CFCC network alongside our other current members Splat Print, FellowshipOne and faithHighway.

Towards a Better Don’t Suck List

We wanted to give a last call to anyone who might be interested in helping to rebirth the Don’t Suck List. Whether you’re a company or an individual, if you have the skills to get the list up and running, reply to our post on the Freelance Lab. Here’s how you can help: Designing and… Reads more »