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Announcing Firestarter

The Center for Church Communication is proud to announce the launch of Firestarter. It’s an initiative to recognize churches that are excelling in brilliant communication.

2009 Annual Report

The Center for Church Communication annual report for 2009 is now available, capturing our purpose, vision and organizational details: “We are a firebrand of communicators, sparking churches to communicate the gospel clearly, effectively and without compromise.” 2009 Annual Report (PDF, 2.7 MB, 14 pages) The 2009 annual report includes an overview of CFCC, the projects… Reads more »

Announcing the Church Marketing Directory

We’re pleased to announce the latest project from the Center for Church Communication: The Church Marketing Directory. The Directory is a list of tools, resources and companies that help the church communicate better. Consider it a yellow pages of church marketing. You’ll find technology blogs, freelance designers, marketing communities, church management software and more. The… Reads more »