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Why We Do What We Do

It’s high time we talked about what we’re doing and where we’re going. We’ve asked for help and we’ve asked for money, and so it’s only fair that we clue you in to what you’re signing up for. Below is part one of a new series about the past, present and future of the Center… Reads more »

Heart and Soul Series

It’s been two years since the first Church Marketing Sucks blog entry appeared. It’s been a wild ride. As we continue forward and hopefully celebrate many more anniversaries, we thought it was crucial to share our hopes and dreams for the Center for Church Communication. We need support to keep this wild ride going, and… Reads more »

Support CFCC with Squidoo

You can now support the Center for Church Communication through the web 2.0 site Squidoo. We’ve been added as one of the charities you can choose to donate some or all of your Squidoo earnings to. When you’re editing your lens, look for payment options towards the bottom of the right sidebar. Choose to donate… Reads more »

Events Lab Simplified

The Events Lab just got simpler. Thanks to Google releasing some added functionality to their calendar, we can now post the Events Lab calendar on our site and you can check out the Events Lab without a Google login. So if you’re looking for upcoming church marketing and communications related events, check out the Events… Reads more »

Introducing the Events Lab

Events are a great way to learn, interact and just get away from it all. You can learn more about your field of expertise and discover new ideas, you can interact with people and discover that you’re not the only one trying to do what you do, and you can change the scenery and have… Reads more »

Foursquare Convention 2006

The Foursquare Convention finished up in Washington, D.C., last week and our very own Brad Abare had a chance to participate in the technology forum, “Harnessing Technology for Ministry.” Brad covered a number of points, including: Be who you are, not who you’re not. Eliminate confusion. Pay attention to how your message is being translated…. Reads more »

Church Marketing Sucks Web 2.0 Series

Web 2.0 is yet another techno buzz term that’s popping up everywhere. Our Church Marketing Sucks blog just finished a series exploring web 2.0, sorting out the hype and figuring out what it means for churches: What Web 2.0 Means for Your Church How Your Church Can Use Flickr How Your Church Can Use MySpace… Reads more »

CMS Lens Chosen as Lens of the Day

The Church Marketing Sucks lens on the web 2.0 site Squidoo was chosen as the Lens of the Day today. Squidoo’s Editor in Chief Megan Casey called Church Marketing Sucks a “very smart and thought-provoking blog.” She went on to compliment the lens as: a fantastic starting point for newcomers to the blog. an easy… Reads more »

Church Marketing Lab is Go

For the past month we’ve been testing a better way to help churches communicate. Now the Church Marketing Lab is open for business. It’s a public group on the photo-sharing site Flickr where anyone can share their church marketing work and offer feedback to others. The idea started as the peer review section on Church… Reads more »

Write for Church Marketing Sucks

Now your wildest dreams can come true. Church Marketing Sucks is accepting submissions from guest bloggers. Instead of looking for writers in it for the long haul, CMS is accepting one-off entries. This means it’s easier to write for CMS and hopefully less work for us. Become a guest blogger and get your name on… Reads more »