FirestarterAs an organization, the Center for Church Communication (CFCC) wants to spotlight churches that are excelling in brilliant communication. We want to recognize communication that demonstrates talent leveraged with creativity and commitment to the cause. We want to celebrate design, but not just for design’s sake, more specifically for the purpose of connecting people to God’s message, to Jesus. Being recognized should feel like a pleasant surprise, not a disappointment for those who weren’t. In fact, think “honorees” instead of “winners.”

Firestarter is a way to recognize churches that have ignited ideas and sparked brilliant communication. The hope is that this project will fan the flame and spread those creative embers to other church communicators.

The initial round of Firestarter honorees were announced in 2010. Starting in 2012 we’re announcing honorees one at a time throughout the year. Check out the growing list of Firestarters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Firestarter?
Firestarter exists to celebrate churches that are excelling in brilliant communication. We want to celebrate gospel communication in all its forms: from printed brochures to websites, from Facebook ad campaigns to beautiful logos, we want to celebrate the intersection of design and inspiration in connecting people to God’s message, to Jesus.

CFCC thinks it’s time to draw attention to a fairly broad range of creative disciplines and ensure that the spotlight hits the newest areas of convergent communication technologies and is not limited to traditional communication channels (print, signage, web). Ideas might include weekend message series, volunteer recruitment ideas, program formats, community service campaigns, visual worship campaigns, etc. This way, we begin to expand the traditional definition of what church communication has traditionally meant. CFCC seeks to celebrate and draw attention to those who are telling their stories well, sparking imaginations and connecting with people.

Who chooses the Firestarters?
Firestarter point man Adam Legg chooses the Firestarters in cooperation with our team.

How were Firestarters selected?
We ask ourselves and others the question, “Which churches are excelling in communicating the gospel?” The parameters are left open-ended on purpose. We don’t want to limit the submissions to one specific area of communication.Whether it be a clearly communicated giving campaign or an open-source iPhone app, churches who were known for excellence in communication were all considered.

We keep our ear to the ground and watch for churches that deserve to be recognized.

What can my church do to be a Firestarter?
Your church can be chosen as a Firestarter by continuing to innovate and explore the realm of church communication. Generally speaking, those who focus on excelling at crafting their church’s communication strategy end up making the most waves. They end up communicating clearly. They end up doing something that no one else has done before. This is what makes a Firestarter.

Firestarter is not an awards program. It’s more than that. It’s quietly coming alongside churches that are faithfully laboring in the fields and shining a bright spotlight to say, “Let’s learn from this church!” It’s honoring the efforts of churches who are faithfully partnering with the Holy Spirit, communicating the gospel message with clarity and creativity.

If you know of a church that should be a Firestarter, you can nominate them.

What do you get for being a Firestarter?
A church who is designated as a Firestarter receives the well-deserved accolades of a job well done. There are no awards to win other than being honored for outstanding work in the field of church communication.

Why wasn’t my church recognized?
We work hard at selecting churches who work diligently on their communicative efforts. People who have their collective noses to the grindstone. While we realize there are phenomenal communication efforts in the church happening all over the world, the Firestarters we choose are the ones that rose to the top. There were no categories, just an in-depth look at who was being innovative.

While we’re sure your church is doing some amazing things, we’d encourage you to keep at it. Let your motivation be a better understanding of the gospel message. Let it be bringing clarity and breaking down the communication boundaries between the church and the rest of the world. That’s what makes a Firestarter