God Rest Ye Stressed Communicators

God Rest Ye Stressed Communicators: Planning Christmas for Your ChurchA new book to help church communicators at Christmas.

God Rest Ye Stressed Communicators:
Planning Christmas for Your Church

edited by Elizabyth Ladwig & Kevin D. Hendricks

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“This is your moment. A chance every year to spread the news of Jesus Christ coming to earth as a tiny baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. As communicators, we have the privilege of bringing good tidings of great joy for all people.”

Christmas is coming—break out the eggnog and candy canes! But for church communicators, this isn’t always a season of peace on earth and goodwill toward men. Christmas often means pulling out all the stops—adorable pageants, packed pews, beloved music. Not to mention planning it all on a very limited budget.

For many communicators, planning your Christmas services often starts too late and never seems to end. Just when you think you’ve unraveled that last knot of Christmas lights, someone dumps another pile in your lap.

Save the stress this season. Drawing on the expertise of more than a dozen church communicators, this book covers what you need to know about planning Christmas for your church: starting early, embracing tradition, recognizing your limits, spreading social media cheer and more.

It’s an ideal companion for communicators with the weight of the season on their shoulders. This is one gift you’ll definitely want to open early.

What Others Are Saying

“Christmas comes every year, but the work and stress always seem to come as a surprise. God Rest Ye Stressed Communicators offers practical planning and promotion ideas to help you stay sane.” –Matt Knisley, lead creative director, Gateway Church

“Help your church plan and promote your Christmas services this year—without the stress. God Rest Ye Stressed Communicators is full of practical ideas and examples to inspire and uplift your Christmas season.” –Jason Caston, author of The iChurch Method

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God Rest Ye Stressed Communicators: Planning Christmas for Your Church