Super Sunday

Super Sunday: Planning Easter for Your ChurchA new book available in print and digital formats.

Super Sunday: Planning Easter for Your Church

edited by Kevin D. Hendricks & Elizabyth Ladwig
Foreword by Kelvin Co

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Easter is the biggest Sunday of the year—is your church ready? Forget the ham or lamb debate, church communicators need to plan, promote and keep their sanity. That can be a challenge with limited time and budget, as well as a culture that doesn’t engage with Easter.

But this is the story of our salvation, when what began at Christmas culminates in the greatest story ever told. From Ash Wednesday to egg drops, the Easter celebrations can be varied—but the stakes are just as high. Afterall, it’s the resurrection.

With more than a dozen chapters addressing how to start planning earlier, engaging with the themes of Lent, bringing guests back after Easter and more, plus real Easter stories from churches, this is practical backup for church communicators.

More than baskets and bunnies, Easter offers a glimpse of glory. That’s why churches celebrate big, and this resource will help them do it right.

Let’s Talk About Easter

Watch this 20-minute video about how to plan, promote and survive Easter with Kelley Hartnett, Kelvin Co and Kevin D. Hendricks.

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